amphibean-single-1Through our official Sponsor a Frog scheme you can now support the conservation of some of the rarest frogs in the world or provide the sponsorship as a gift to a friend or relative. Funds raised go directly to supporting our collaborative conservation project in Central America.

All our sponsors are invited behind the scenes of the Vivarium to see our endangered frogs up close and have a one hour tour of our dedicated amphibian conservation facility*.

For a contribution of £50 you, or your chosen nominee, will receive:

A personal letter of thanks for your support from the Director of Manchester Museum.

  • A special invitation for you and a friend to have a personal tour ‘behind the scenes’ of the Vivarium by one our professional herpetologists (including a photo opportunity).
  • An exclusive A4 colour print of a Harlequin Frog.
  • A quality hardback book on Frogs and Toads of the World written by Chris Mattison  (RRP £20.00)
  • UK amphibian conservation information from ‘Froglife’

What will your ‘Sponsor a Frog’ contribution be used for?

Your contribution will go to directly supporting the conservation of this Endangered frog species in Central America and related in-country environmental education.